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        Wine Label Design – Levo Wine SPOT Duvarita Vineyard Syrah & SPOT Slide Hill Vineyard Syrah

        Each year, Levo Wine brings a new SPOT into the world. It’s their way of honoring a specific vineyard and grower that stood out to them that year. For their 2018 Fall Release, Levo welcomed two 2016 vintages – a Slide Hill Vineyard Syrah and a Duvarita Vineyard Syrah.

        Dreaming in Halftones / The art direction for the 2016 vintages is inspired by the pantheon of legends in the pop art movement. These labels are what prismatic iridescent dreams are made of. We sought a creative direction that echoed Levo’s dot-centric SPOT labels from years past, while carving out its own identity. We achieved this through blending retro-inspired design with the simplicity of modern type and a touch of iridescent foil. The shimmer of luminance appears on one spot on the front label, as an abstract expression of “X marks the spot.” The back label features a continuation of textural details, with a pastel, holographic-hued foil making up the “O” in the SPOT type mark. Each back label features a shout out to their grower, Brook Williams, displayed on a bar dappled with halftones.



        Levo Wine Spot V. 2016 – Branding and Wine Label Design in Paso Robles, California

        Flatlay of Levo Wine SPOT Label - Paso Robles Wine Label Designer

        Graphic Design and Pink Packaging Design for California Wine Labels by Amarie Design Co.

        Flatlay of Mint Colored Levo Wine SPOT Wine Bottles Designed by Amarie Design Co. in Paso Robles California

        Package Design and Label Design by Amarie Design Co. for Wineries in Paso Robles, California

        Close Up of Holographic Foil on Levo Wine, Package Design by Amarie Design Co.