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        What is your turnaround time?

        This largely depends on the scope of the project, but we typically work with a 5-day turnaround time for smaller design projects and printed pieces. Naturally, more in-depth packages such as our Brand Identity package take longer than that.


        How do we get started?

        Simple! Get in touch via the Inquire tab, where you can share some details about what you are envisioning for your project. From there, I will be in touch with you and we will either set up a complimentary consultation meeting or phone call. Learn more about what you can expect in working together and our timeline in our Process section.


        What final files do I receive?

        For printed pieces and marketing collateral, you will be provided with a PDF formatted for the printer. For Brand Identity projects, you will be provided with all logo and branding files in EPS, PNG, JPG, and PDF format.
        + All design pieces may be converted to a format suitable for online/social media upon request.  


        How many refinement rounds do I receive?

        Most of our projects are designed with 2 refinement rounds included in the initial investment. Why 2 rounds? Typically, within 2 refinement rounds, we are able to create and finalize a design that exceeds our clients’ initial vision and expectations. Should our client desire more than 2 rounds, we offer additional refinement as an add-on at the price of our hourly rate. Ultimately, Amarie Design Co. is dedicated to creating impactful, highly functional, beautiful content that our clients are over the moon about. And we are dedicated to working together until we find a concept that is suitable to us both!



        Some of my favorite creative experiences have come about from collaborations, whether it’s designing branding for a styled shoot or working together with fellow designers. Have an idea? Let’s chat about it!