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        Highspire Whiskey was created by winemaker Austin Hope, who set out to create “A New Class of Whiskey,” while remaining true to the roots of pre-prohibition American rye whiskey. If you were drinking whiskey in pre-prohibition days, you were likely drinking Highspire. Today, their mission is to bring back the essence of this famed pre-prohibition American whiskey by reintroducing the country to Highspire.

        Working with Highspire Whiskey involved designing graphic pieces and creating digital content that seamlessly incorporated their brand identity as a historically rooted Whiskey. The brand voice was brought to life through the creation and conceptualization of on-brand visuals. The scope of our work encompassed the following: Designing marketing/promotional materials and media kits, managing brand social media profiles and growing social media presence through the creation of a content calendar and digital marketing action plan, and styling and photographing cocktail photo shoots.


        Additional Creative for Highspire Whiskey: Monte Cristo Cocktail Photography


        * Highspire Whiskey logos and branding are not our creation.
        Branding was established prior to our creative partnership with Highspire Whiskey.