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        Highspire Whiskey was created by winemaker Austin Hope, who set out to create “A New Class of Whiskey,” while remaining true to the roots of pre-prohibition American rye whiskey. If you were drinking whiskey in pre-prohibition days, you were likely drinking Highspire. Today, their mission is to bring back the essence of this famed pre-prohibition American whiskey by reintroducing the country to Highspire.


        We worked together with Highspire Whiskey to create visuals and digital content to bring their brand voice to life. We focused on their brand identity as a historically rooted whiskey brand in all of their on-brand marketing collateral. The scope of our work encompassed the following: designing marketing/promotional materials and media kits, managing brand social media profiles and growing social media presence through the creation of a content calendar and digital marketing action plan, and styling and photographing cocktail photo shoots.

        Additional Creative for Highspire Whiskey: Monte Cristo Cocktail Photography


        Graphic Design and Collateral by Amarie Design Co. for Highspire Whiskey Brand

        Graphic Design and Photography for Highspire Whiskey Spirits Brand by Amarie Design Co.

        Graphic Design of Sales Collateral for Whiskey Distillery and Spirits Brand

        Collateral Creation and Graphic Design for Historical Whiskey Brand by Amarie Design Co.

        Print Brochure Design by Amarie Design Co. for Highspire Whiskey Brand

        Cocktail Photography and Cocktail Menu Design by Amarie Design Co. for Highspire Whiskey

        Graphic Design for Whiskey Brand - Design of Cocktail Menu and Recipe Card by Amarie Design Co.

        Social Media Graphics Designed for Highspire Whiskey Brand by Amarie Design Co.