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        Troublemaker is a wink and a nod to the early days, when a young Austin Hope was sent to the vineyards for breaking the rules and making mischief. Still stirring things up, Troublemaker is all about breaking the rules.”

        With a brand identity as rebellious as Troublemaker, the Hope Family Wines team envisioned an equally vocal display booth for the 2015 Boston Wine Expo. As a graphic design intern for HFW, I created this 8ft by 8ft wine bar backdrop entirely from scratch and photographed some of the elements as well. I then designed a t-shirt with a slogan to coordinate. The final product lends itself as a bar’s interior imagery, setting the stage for a slingshot game that was played by visitors, complete with plastic wine glasses as targets. This backdrop was also featured at Paso Robles Wine Festival in Spring 2015.